Our Activities

  • Arts & Crafts

    Making art or crafts is a method we use to explore and express our assets, talents, and develop self esteem. When successful projects are completed, a person has a sense of accomplishment and an improved sense of self esteem and confidence. Often, the time spent engaged in an activity offers us reprieve from the symptoms of our condition.

  • Beading/Jewelry

  • Board Games

    Board games are a great way to encourage socialization through a non-threatening stimulus. We find that we are to talk about things more easily while distracted by the competition of the game. It is also a time to just relax and chat with another human being.

  • Cardmaking

  • Drawing

  • Field Trips

    Occasionally, when funding is available, field trips are arranged for trips to places of interest for our members.

  • Outings

  • Painting

  • Potlucks